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Dear Savitri Readers,

Posted below are your comments on this year-long Yajna of reading Sri Aurobindo’s evolutionary magnum opus Savitri with our group of 30+ voices around the world.

Once again my thanks and pranams to each and all of you for participating in this hi-tech venture to disseminate the message and transformative power of Savitri to the world during 2012, and beyond.

In the seva of the Life Divine,

Kumar Sharma
Coordinator, Savitri Yajna 2012: The Year of Reading Savitri


Remarks/comments from:

Nilima Bhat: “Reading Savitri through 2012, the epochal time for the promised shift in consciousness, was like having a life-line straight to the Truth consciousness that it came from! Truly, I feel as if it kept me in the peaceful, centered ‘eye of the storm’ as incredible turbulence shook life all around me, personally as well as collectively.”

“Reading my two pages each month, as I de-constructed to nothingness and re-constructed anew, has kept the flow of Grace right through in a way that I can never fully comprehend. I thank Kumar and Saraswathy for the incredible service they have provided Humanity at this ‘Hour of God’.”

Larry Seidlitz: “Thanks to Kumar Sharma for bringing together this collection of many voices from our spiritual family reading Savitri, the mantra of transformation. It is interesting to hear the different expressions, the different intonations, the different soul qualities. It is good to see that with Kumar’s inspiration and persistence we have been able to join together like this in such a wonderful endeavor.”

Kamala Srinivas: “I congratulate Mr. Kumar Sarma for taking the initiative of Savitri Yajna 2012 and my compliments to him for its successful completion.

“Reading Savitri of Sri Aurobindo has been an exclusive experience of my life. I thank Mr. Sarma for giving an opportunity of reading the text and allowing me to be part of his dream project. I also thank my colleague Dr. Uma Shankar (my mentor) for initiating me into this. It’s been immensely pleasurable to hear so many voices reading the various Cantos of the text. It is also one of its kinds of making good use of technology to reach to different seekers who are involved in ‘self quest.’ Lastly, I wish Mr. Sarma and his family all the very best in their future endeavor.”

Georg Stollenwerk: “I can only say that I received your call, was somehow touched by it and felt that it simply was the right thing to do… . So I tried my best to contribute, whatever the result, whatever the ‘outcome’…”


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