Today’s Reading

Dear Savitriyas,

A year after starting Savitri Yajna 2012 on the day of the Winter Solstice last year and reading Sri Aurobindo’s magnum opus spiritual poem continuously at the rate of about two pages per day, we posted the final reading of Savitri on 12/20/2012.   The reading of the entire poem, the longest in English with some 24,000 lines, is now available sequentially under the Archives tab, where you can listen to all the recordings at your convenience.

My heartfelt namaste and sincere thanks to the over thirty souls from six continents who participated in this project and made it possible to conclude it successfully.  Among the many different voices, styles, and intonations that we got to hear from so many readers, the one thing that came through loud and clear was the uniform inspiration and dedication that all of them expressed, and which we could all share through their recordings.

Now we mark 12/21/2012 — the Winter Solstice day after the finale of Savitri Yajna 2012, and the Dawn of the Age of Conscious Evolution — in the traditional Indian way by reading and posting the first line of Savitri again.  May the light of Savitri, the fifth Veda for our times, shine on all those who read or listen to these recordings and bring the Life Divine closer to realization in your lives and times.

With love and best wishes,

Kumar S. Sharma
Coordinator, Savitri Yajna 2012


Date: December 21, Friday, Winter Solstice Day 2012

Today’s Reading: Book One, Canto 1, The Symbol Dawn, Page 1, Line 1

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Reader: Saraswathy Nochur

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